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Al-Maher application is one of the fruits of the Al-Maher Club, which was established in 2014, and gathered an elite group of readers from the Islamic world. They pledged to study Al Quran Al Kareem and its readings, through some social media platforms.

Al-Maher App is a Quranic project that aims to serve the Book fo God, its memorizers, and its reciters, by completing Quranic Khatamat (seals) with various recitations and narrations that came to us by Al-Tawatur, combining narration with performance, science with study.

Dr. Abdelfetah Alforaici

Word of the General Supervisor.

In the name of God, by His might and power, we are honored to present to the Islamic nation Al-Maher App, to be a forum in which we learn about the shining pearls and stars of Quran recitators from every parts of the world, as an affirmation of the importance of the Quran in building human beings, establishing civilizations, and making the required change.

Al-Maher app collects recitations made by the voices of various reciters from the world, and through it we will be honored to hear Al Quran Al Kareem with the voices of skilled intoners, in several narrations and readings.

We believe that the Islamic nation today can anticipate its promised future on the basis of its firm foundations and original constants, so that the present is linked to the past, linked to the origins and opened to the current age.

And God's behind the intent. and He guides to the right way.

And life gets sweeter with Quran.

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